Missed It?

 Is there an item that you just must have??  An item that you can't live without??  But when you went to purchase this dreamy item the dreaded words popped up on your screen saying "out of stock"?? NOOO!  NOOOOO!!  Oh the pain!  Oh the AGONY!!  After you wipe those tears aside, cry it out, and are able to function again, use those fingers of yours and email us which item you would like to see again! (contact@sevenandcoboutique.com)  We will contact the manufacturer and if possible, get it back in stock for you!  The best part?  We will email you on the status and let you know if it is possible for you to see those magical words "in stock" flashing on your screen once again.  

Here at Seven & Co Boutique, we are all about making dreams come true.

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